DiVA - AVR250


Beginning in 1977, as a result of a Caltech engineering project, GNP founder Bill Gross realized that he could design and manufacture an excellent-sounding loudspeaker. In an effort to market his product, he opened a store and became a full time hi-fi retailer and loudspeaker manufacturer.

The onset of computers in the 1980's brought change to GNP in the form of computer system and software sales. The company was acquired in the mid 80's and separated into two divisions, a Computer division and an Audio-Video division.

In 1993, the current owners purchased the Audio-Video division and formed what is now GNP Audio Video. Today, GNP is a retailer of high quality home stereo, custom music, and home theater equipment.

In 2002, GNP was awarded "Best Stereo Shop" by Los Angeles Magazine's "Best of LA 2002".